"Dances from the Dark"
Expressionist Fusion Dance

Classes are currently closed at the Crown Hill studio until further notice.
I am available to teach at your studio or event!

"Dances from the Dark"
Classes & Workshops

"Black Metal Bellydance"
Learn to hear and dance to the nuances in Black Metal Music and put on an extraordinary performance that will transcend the audience
"Creative Critique"
For performers who want to bring their performances to a new level by honing their craft, finding their strengths and telling their story.
"Doube Veil Workshop"
Magi will teach you a variety of veil techniques, along with her magickal double veil reveal and the changing of costume/character mid dance that will make your set even that more exciting and unexpected.
"Dancing to the other Dark Music;
Classical & Byzantine Chants"

Kabernos Nikodimas, Bach, Mozart are only a few of the dark musical notes of the ages that we will hone our craft to, bringing to light the darkness of the Age of Enlightenment and the Dark Ages.

Please contact me in which class you are most interested
in or would like me to teach at your studio or event!

Magi has been a performance artist and theatrical expressionist fusion dancer for over twenty years. She is an active performer in the Seattle scene if she's not shooting live performance video or showcasing her video art backgrounds at events. Magi is constantly developing her dance through honing her own creative vision and years of performing in every situation imaginable! Now she imparts her knowledge and experience of dance, the expanding artistry of and all its possibilities to you! This is a class welcoming the indivisual with a bellydance, burlesque or fusion foundation who are ready to break the rules in the name of Artistic Expression and expand as a Soloist, as well as work with like-minded individuals for a collaborative dialogue. Magi takes influences from all forms of performance including Circus, Burlesque, Theater, Film, Music, the Occult, Black Metal, Erotica, Religion, Horror,
Pop and Ancient Cultures, Ballet and most of all her own IMAGINATION.
Remember to bring to class your integral soul.
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See you in the studio!

Dances from the Dark School


Magi is a Norwegian Seattle native with a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts, where in 1998 in Cornish's Westlake studios in Seattle
 she created a series of Performance Art videos that ultimately gave birth to "Expressionist Fusion Dance" !!!

She earned a dance certificate from Delilah's Maui workshop of 1997 and was a core member of  "Visionary Dancers"
and the ensuing "Neighborhood Temple Priestesses" for many years.

She appears as one of the first fusion soloists in the Trible Bible by Kajira Djoumahna, and has performed at
Tribal Fest 12 & 13 closing the first night's show with the troupe RomCore, and in 2013 performed as a soloist.

She appeared in the video "Crazed the Bellydance" by Elle Empire in 2006.
Using her own tarot deck "Tarot of the Pomegranate" Magi helped develop "Belly Tarot" experimenatl theater performances.
She earned a dance certificate from Zoe Jakes and Mira Betz's "Soul Food" workshop in Berkley in 2013.
She has studied with numerous fusion and traditional teachers over the years including Sera Solstice, Grace Constantine, Amy Sigil,
Carolena Nerricico, Mardi Love, Rachel Brice, Suhaila, Zoe Jakes, Mira Betz, Ansuya, Kajira, Kami Liddle, Delilah, Deb Rubin & more.
Magi takes influences from all forms of performance including Circus, Burlesque, Theater, Film, Music,
the Occult, Religion, Horror, Pop and Ancient cultures, Ballet and most of all her own IMAGINATION.

Magi has been a core member in several other dance troupes; Hands of Kali, Triptych, RomCore, and has studied Ballet for many years.
Magi was the featured opening ritualist dancer for the monthly Spiritus and Illuminato show in Seattle
for Faye the Tattooed Psychic and on tour in New Orleans!!!

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VINTAGE Dark Fusion Theater "Expressionist Fusion Bellydance" was first born here in the Westlake Studios in Seattle of Cornish College of the Arts, 1998.


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